Activity Corner

Work Education & Co-Curricular Activitys

Character building is the most important part of education. The school offers a wide spectrum of Work Education and Co- Curricular activities such as Music, Dance, Drama & Theater, Poetry, Essay competitions, Gardening, Photography, Speech, Elocution, Debates & Quiz competitions, Exhibitions, Fetes, Art and Craft, Collage Making Swachhta Abhiyans, Awareness Rallies, Vocational Education, Street Plays & Nukkad Natikas, Special Summer & Winter Camps, SUPW, NCC and many more. The aim of organizing such activities is to ensure the opportunity of direct and diversified experience towards society through community service right from the tender age. All important days and festivals are celebrated to enrich cultural and social values and to promote global citizenship. Students are promoted to participate in various competitions at inter-school, zonal, inter-zonal and inter-state level. These activities are compulsory for every student.

House System

In order to realize the highest ideal of education and nurture the sterling qualities of an assertive personality, and to inculcate a healthy competition, the school has been divided into five different houses i.e. Jal, Aakash, Prithvi, Vayu and Agni. Such a division is intended to cultivate awakening in the child, a striving for excellence and to place this invaluable acquisition at the service of the community and the nation by making a child a responsible citizen. Each house is supervised by a House Captain who is assisted by a Vice-Captain and a team of co- teachers and prefects in managing the day- to- day events.


For the all round and multifaceted development of students, it is mandatory for them to be involved in the co- curricular activities which need opportunities and occasions proportionately amplified. Hence, the school has formed 8 clubs

1. Vigyan Club

2. AV and IT Club

3. Art Club

4. Health Club

5. Jazz/Dance Club

6. Ganit Club

7. Eco Club

8. Sports Club

It is compulsory for each student of class I onwards to be the member of any one club of his/ her choice and participate in its activities. A regular record of the participation in the intra & inter school scholastic and non- scholastic activities will be maintained by the Activity Incahrge. The Comprehensive Evalution Committee (CEC) including Club Incharge and Principal will review the performance of every student in these activities and finalize the bonus marks.

An additional benefit of maximum 10 marks is added to the final total of the subject having minimum score in the final result in the report card. But the total of any subject will not exceed 100 in any case.

Criterion for Bonus Marks

Level of activities

I. School

II. District

III. Zonal/ State

IV. National

Participations points





Position points





Games and Sports

Games and sports form an integral part of education and a great deal of emphasis is laid on this aspect. Opportunities are given to the children of all age groups to develop an all- round personality and proficiency in games and sports besides dedication to achieve the desired objectives and develop a temperament for treating success and failure alike.

1) Medical and Health

All the students are subjected to a medical check up once/ twice a year and the reports are sent to the parents for information and remedial measures.

2) Schedule of Vacations

In addition to normal gazetted holidays the school observes the following vacations/ breaks.

a) Summer Vacation

b) Winter Vacations

May- June (About 6 weeks)

December- January (About 15 days)

Note: This schedule is subject to change. The school remains closed during vacations for faculty members and students only, office functions remain as usual.

School Magazine

The Magazine ‘AVR DUNIYA’ is published annually and is a useful record of school activities throughout an academic session. The compilation of the Magazine is done by the students’ Editorial Board under the guidance of the Staff Advisory Board.

Parent Teacher Association

In order to maintain close and proper liaison with the parents, parent- teacher meetings are held in the school monthly. Efforts are made to involve the parents actively in the learning process of their wards. The school is now the member of Haryana Progressive School’s Association and Gurgaon Sahodya Schools.

List Of Co-curricular and Extra Curricular Activities

• Debate

• Model

• Art

• Music

• Drama

• Debate and discussion

• Declamation contest

• Story writing competition

• Essay writing competition

• Art craft

• Recitation competition

• Writes ups for school magazine

• Folk songs

• Folk dance

• Flower show

• School decoration

• Fancy dress competition

• Preparation of chart & models

• Photography

• Clay modeling

• Toy making

• Organization exhibitions.

• Celebration of festival


17.11.18 is Holiday for all classes


Thought of the day

Every child is unique and a masterpiece of creativity
Constitution is not a mere lawyer document, it is a vehicle of life and its spirit is always the spirit of age. By: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar