CCE Scheme


The school is affiliated to the CBSE Board, New Delhi. The syllabus and the course of studies offered and pursued at the school are as prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, Medium of instruction is English.

Pattern of Assessment

The school assessment is based on a three- tier system i.e. Four Unit Tests, Half Yearly and Final Examinations, spread over the whole session are innovative, ideal, diagnostic and remedial as these are content based and activity oriented and discouraging rote learning. The evaluation system is in compliance with CCE scheme of CBSE

Examination & Promotion

Montessori Department:

There is no formal test or examination. Promotion to next class is based upon the child’s work and participation in co-curricular activities- throughout the session.

Classes I-IX
Half Yearly- Term I average of
Unit test – 20 Av. Marks (20 + 20)/2
Exam – 80 Marks Final Exam Term II average of
Unit test – 20 Av. Marks (20 + 20)/ 2
Exam – 80 Marks

Aggregate of 40% is required for promotion to the next class.

General Promotions Rules

No student is allowed to absent himself/ herself from any test/ exam except on medical grounds.

No retest will be held for students remaining absent from any test.

A medical certificate should be submitted along with the leave note to the class teacher if the child is sick/ ill on the day of the Unit Test.

Promotion to the next class in these cases will be considered by taking average of the papers taken by the child in the whole year in that subject.

The child missing any Test/ Exam during the course of entire session will not be eligible for a merit position.

No- re- examination will be held for students obtaining E2 Grade in any subject. EIOP(Eligible of Improvement of Performance)is applicable for the students obtaining E1 Grade.

However, in special cases, the Principal has the right to promote the child.

General Promotions Rules


17.11.18 is Holiday for all classes


Thought of the day

Every child is unique and a masterpiece of creativity
Constitution is not a mere lawyer document, it is a vehicle of life and its spirit is always the spirit of age. By: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar