1) Computer Lab: - The School has two computer laboratories with 24 computers in each lab accessible to students. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which furnish the requirements of the students, teachers and the set of courses. The school is equipped with two dedicated broadband Internet connections with wifi access availing students a chance to be familiar with the Internet. The faculty members make continuous efforts to see that the students must get skilled in practical implementation of tools they have in their curriculum.

2) Science Labs: - Well designed and fully equipped Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs provide an open environment for students to experiment and do research work. All these labs are provided with required materials. The three divisions of the science department ensure that students do real experiments.

A) Chemistry Lab: -

B) Physics Lab: -

C) Biology Lab: -

3) Math’s Lab: - Wonderful learning happens when the students themselves do what the theorems and formulae they learnt in the math class. To enrich the teaching of Mathematics at the school level, the math lab has been set up.
In Math’s Lab they get hands on experience. The lab also encourages group learning among children. It not only encourages ‘Learning by Doing’ method but also removes the fear of Math and thus harmonizes classroom learning.


17.11.18 is Holiday for all classes


Thought of the day

Every child is unique and a masterpiece of creativity
Constitution is not a mere lawyer document, it is a vehicle of life and its spirit is always the spirit of age. By: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar