Parents Corner

Parenting Tips

1. The best thing a parent can give to the child is quality time each day.

2. Closely monitor your ward’s progress by checking the school almanac everyday and paying attention to his/her punctuality, discipline and submission of school assignments.

3. Keep your child energetic and motivated. Every child is different. Each one is special and beautiful in his/her own way. Therefore enhance his/her self-confidence.

4. Remember, your child is watching you carefully, so be a role model for your child and make him/her a good human being.

5. Encourage curiosity in your child. Remember, a curious child is always in pursuit of knowledge and wants to learn more and more.

6. Ensure that during your ward’s absence from school, work done in the class and home work is covered well in time.

7. Provide a supportive value- based environment to your ward at home. Give due care to your ward’s mental health and emotions.

8. Grandparent’s love is vital for your child’s personal development. They are the resources of values and elements of a good character.

9. Maintain an assertive and effective communication with your kids. Encourage them to talk about their daily activities, friends, teachers and all other people they interact with. Enrich their awareness about social values, gender sensitivity and child rights. It will save them from child abuse.

10. Monitor the Internet sites being visited by your ward and limit Television viewing to appropriate programs and duration. Encourage your ward to play outdoor games with his/ her peer group or engage him/ her in creative activities.

11. Do not punish your child for trivial issues. Punishment only leads to anger and defiance. Teach them about the consequences and owing responsibility for their mistake.

12. Set short term achievable goals for your child such that the long term goals are achieved spontaneously.

13. Do not mould your child’s personality into an introvert. Encourage him/her to participate in various co-scholastic activities, sports and other such programs. This will help your child to explore his/her talents

14. Contact school to discuss the issues related to academic as well as behavioral aspects of your ward, to design a suitable plan of action by providing suggestion or seeking guidance.

15. Ensure that your ward does not bring expensive items, electronic items, cell phones etc or large sum of money to school. The school bags should be randomly checked to ensure the same.

16. Restrict celebration of Birthdays of your ward in school to simple distribution of candies. Elaborate arrangements like cutting of cake and partying in the class are not permitted.

17. Explain to your ward the need to look after his/ her belongings. The school does not accept responsibility for any item lost in school. All articles belonging to the child should have identification details.

18. Ensure that your ward is in proper school uniform. No fancy jewellery like danglers, trinklets, studs etc. should be worn by girl/ boys.

19. Keep leave for half a day or short leave to a minimal as far as possible. In case of an emergency, written permission must be taken from the Principal/ Director. In case a child availing school transport leaves the school early, it is mandatory to inform the Transport Incharge about the same.

20. Ensure that your ward appears for all tests as per the schedule given in the Almanac. In case the child is unable to take the examination, prior intimation must be given to the Class Teacher in writing.

21. Discourage your ward from taking additional leave before the commencement of examinations. In case of medical emergency or unavoidable situation, submit a written application to the Class Teacher before the commencement of examination.

Important Point for Parents

• Read all the instructions carefully for compliance.

• Check the School Diary for Home Assignment & Instructions of the Class Teacher/ Subject Teachers/ Co- ordinator/ Principal/ Director.

• For any query on academics/ disciplinary matters, contact the concerned Class Teacher/ Co- ordinator/ first, before approaching Principal/ Director.

• Adhere strictly to the days and timings fixed for visiting School for meeting Teachers/ Co- ordinators/ Principal.

• Attend Parent Teacher meeting regularly.

• Ensure that the students wear the prescribed school uniform.

• Inform the school in writing about any change in Residential address, Telephone No., Transport route and any other relevant information.

• Use Student’s Diary as mode of communication and write any information or suggestion in the diary if required.

• Further, the information, suggestion or complaints are invited by following contact persons at following numbers.



17.11.18 is Holiday for all classes


Thought of the day

Every child is unique and a masterpiece of creativity
Constitution is not a mere lawyer document, it is a vehicle of life and its spirit is always the spirit of age. By: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar