Rules & Regulations

Student Discipline

Conditions for Withdrawal

• A student, who fails in a class for two successive years or fails twice in three years, will be withdrawn by order of the Head of School.

• Any student caught cheating or using unfair means during an examination /test may not only be given zero in the subject concerned, but an incident of this nature if repeated may lead to his/ her withdrawal / expulsion by the Head of School.

• In case, a student stops attending school without any information to the school authorities, his name will be struck off the school rolls 15 days after he/ she stops attending the school.

Parent’s Responsibility

• Parents are required to co-operate with the school in developing their children into balance, progressive, morally strong and effective youth, helping their children in observing the general code of conduct inside and outside the school. Misbehavior in the school is dealt with the Discipline Committee of the School. In case of gross misbehavior, the committee recommends issue of written warning. Recurrence of such act may lead to expulsion of the defaulting student from the school. However, punishment is administered only with a view to correct the defiant behavior of the child.

• Students who habitually keep indulging in misbehavior, despite repeated warning and continuous efforts by the school teachers to improve upon their behavior will not be enrolled/ admitted in the School during the following academic session. A warning in this regard will be given to parents well in time to seek admission in some other school.

• Students will be liable for fine and strict disciplinary action on the following grounds.

- Absence from Assembly (while present in the campus)
- Absence from class and unexplained loitering in the campus
- Unruly movement or unseemly noise in the corridors or inside the building
- Usage of foul language
- Vandalization of Notice Board or any other form of Vandalism
- Wearing improper, or untidy uniform, Incorrect Shoes i.e sneakers, slip-ons, Incorrect belt or no belt at all, Accessories on wrist, fingers, neck, etc., Ear-rings larger than one fourth of centimeter in diameter and those which dangle below the year,m Colored clips other than black , Colored hair bands other than red & white Stealing

Bunking classes / school, Not completing their work. Found with books which may be classified as obscene

• Serious Offences: Cheating in examination, stealing, physical violence, damaging school property and the like would be dealt with more severely. These could mean immediate suspension / expulsion depending on the severity of the offence

• Striking off the name from the rolls:

--- The name of a student may be struck off the rolls by the Head of the School on account of non-payment of fees and other dues for 45 days after last due date for payment --- Continued absence without leave for ten consecutive days by a student

• Note:

--- In case of absence of any student from the school without leave for ten consecutive days, the Head of School shall intimate such an absence to the parent or guardian --- In respect of payment of fees, however the Head of School may grant not more than 10 days of grace in deserving cases on application by the parent or guardian.

• Forbidden Practices: No student shall indulge in any of the following practices:-

--- Spitting in or near the school building except in the spittoons provided by the school.
--- Disfiguring or otherwise damaging any school property
--- Smoking
--- Any form of gambling
--- Use of drugs or intoxication
--- Rowdiness and rude behavior
--- Casteism, communalism or practice of untouchability
--- carrying of lethal weapons or fire crackers
--- Scooter / motorcycle riding or car driving to the school
--- Playing Holi in the campus
--- Bursting of crackers in the school building

Forms of Disciplinary measures

The following shall be the disciplinary measures which may be adopted by the school in dealing with the indisciplined students:

--- Detention during the break for neglecting class -work
--- Fine
--- Expulsion
--- Rustication


All staffs and students are to treat those who are less privileged-with friendship, directness and respect. Compassion and sympathy are manifested in our manner and attitude, not necessarily by what we say or appear to do.

Every student shall greet every elder and wish according to the time of the day, including all visitors, whether known or unknown.

Sweepers, peons, ayahs, guards, drivers, labours, shall be addressed by their names, with a ‘Ji’ suffixed.When referring to someone not present, official designations or formal names must be used.

School Rules

Each student must be punctual and regular in attendance. A student will be eligible to sit for the Board Examination only if he / she has a minimum of 75% attendance to his / her credit. Attendance in the morning assembly is compulsory. Disciplinary action is taken against defaulters. Those who come late to the school or absent themselves on previous day, must bring an application / letter from the parents giving reason for coming late or being absent. Those who come by school buses or under their own arrangements must promptly leave their books etc. in the respective class rooms and reports for the Assembly. Changing the class rooms between periods, going for PT or moving to the Activity Wing must be in complete silence and in an orderly manner. Students must wear neat and clean uniform as per the approved pattern. No relaxation is acceptable in this regard. Due care must be taken of the school property by all students. They are not allowed to scratch or spoil the charts and educational material displayed in the corridors / class rooms. They must not damage the school furniture, electric fitting and write graffiti on the walls. Any damage caused accidently must be reported immediately by the concerned students to the class teacher. Waste paper and waste material must be disposed of in the waste paper bins kept for this purpose. Students must be courteous and gentle in manner. They should pay respect to all the teachers and elders.

Medical Rules:

The following period of isolation is recommended for the chronic Ailments, which must be notified:

Chicken Pox:
5 days after the rashes disappear.
1 week after the swelling goes down.
till all the blisters dry and fall off.
when white discharge stops coming out of the eyes.

Payment of School Dues

• All fees / dues must be paid well in time to avoid any inconveniences.
• Fee is charged quarterly. Deposit of school fees by the due date is the responsibility of the parents. School fees and other charges are payable by 10th April, July, October & January of the academic year. However if it is to inconvenient pay fee quarterly, the same can be paid monthly by taking prior permission in the beginning of session.
• In case the fee is not paid on the due date, a fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged up to the end of the month in which they were due and the amount of fine may increase.
• In case the fee and late fee is not paid by the end of next quarter, the name of the students will be struck off the rolls. On approval of re-admission, the student will only be admitted after making the payment of re-admission charges in addition to outstanding dues and fines.
• Parents are advised to keep the fees receipts in their safe custody and produce for reconciliation, if required.
• The school office will remain open during school breaks and vacation. Fee can be deposited during the period of vacation.
• The school makes every effort to refund the security deposit/ caution money when a student leaves the school. Parents are advised to claim the amount within six months of their wards’ leaving of school. The amount will be refunded on production of original receipt only. In case the refund is not claimed within six months, the amount will be forfeited.
• Annual and Admission Charges are to be paid at the beginning of the academic session . These charges will not be refunded in case the student leaves the school.
• Concession:-
• The name of the student, class, section and admission number must be written at the back of the cheque. In case the cheque bounces, a fine of Rs. 200/- will be charged sand no cheque in future will be accepted. ISSUE OF CORRECT CHEQUE IS THE RESPONSBILITY OF THE PARENTS. The cheques/ bank draft should be issued in favour of AVR PUBLIC SCHOOL.
• Irrespective of the date of entry, full fee will be charged for the month of admission. In case the student has not paid from the beginning of the session in his previous school, he will also be charged from the following month of the last paid in previous school. The fee receipt of previous school must be produce to claim such rebate.
• Fees for class X for the period from January to March shall be paid by 10th February positively.
• The Transfer Certificates for the students will be issued only on clearance of all school dues. School dues at the time of withdrawals will be accepted in cash/bank draft only. Irrespective of the date on which a student applies for TC, for example on 2, 3, 28 of the month, fees is charged for whole of the month.
• It takes normally 7 days to prepare the TC. A duplicate TC may be issued on deposit of Rs. 50/- in cash at the Accounts Office. A duplicate copy of a TC issued before more than one year will not be re-issued.
• A student who has once taken TC and seeks re-admission would be treated as a new admission and would pay admission and security deposit at revised rate if the Transfer Certificate has been prepared by the school. However, if the application for re-admission is submitted at an early date and the Transfer Certificate has not been prepared by the school, admission may be granted on the old admission number.
• Students of class X who apply for Transfer Certificate and submit clearance certificate before 31st march will be charged fees upto 31st March. However, TC will be given along with the mark sheet after the declaration of Board result in June.
• TC will be issued within the period of six months from the date of admission-withdrawal.
• The school has an arrangement of transport on payment for the convenience of students on First come First served basis.
• Although, all precautions are taken for safety of the students, the school cannot be held responsible for any injury, accident or death.
• Bus charges are applicable for 3 months at approved bus fee rates along with other school fee/dues. One month advance notice has to be given in written at the Accounts Office in case the student desires to withdraw himself from the Transport facility. However, no one is allowed to withdraw bus facility with effect from October to March unless there is change of address.
• The school follows all safety rules during excursions and outings. However, if any untoward event happens, the school can’t be held responsible for such injury, accident or death.
• The students, whose insubordination or rowdiness becomes a nuisances to the bus driver or conductor or causes annoyance and discomfort to fellow students in the bus, will not be permitted to continue availing the transport facility.


17.11.18 is Holiday for all classes


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