AVR PUBLIC SCHOOL prides itself on a happy workforce of over 100 faculty members and a large support staff of lab assistants, attendants etc.

Pre Primary and Early Primary School (Nursery to Grade II)

At the Pre-Primary and early Primary years, the objective is to facilitate learning by creating a nurturing and stimulating environment for them to learn joyfully.

Teaching Pedagogy is child centric and activity oriented using numerous teaching aids: Power Point, flashcards, pictures, puppets, actual objects, storytelling, dramatization and role play, etc. The endeavour is to involve the children in the discussions, gently guiding them, eliciting the right answers.


Primary School (Grade III to V)

The Primary School aims to inculcate foundational knowledge in various subjects in our young students. The focus is on reading and writing, language comprehension, math, critical thinking and inter-personal skills. The key subjects are English, Hindi, mathematics, EVS, art & craft, computer science and physical education. A third language (German, French, Spanish, Sanskrit) is added in Grade 5.

Learning reinforcement is provided through worksheets in every subject, and activity based teaching.

The middle section aims to give a quantum jump to the knowledge assimilated in the foundation years and to further strengthen the basics of the student.

We take resource to various strategies to make their stay in the school fruitful and educative.

Structured lesson plans are prepared to impart the knowledge and application in the subjects. These are supplemented with worksheets, smart boards, and activities such as experiments, dramatization, assignments, projects and a multitude of other knowledgeenhancing media.

Character building is the most important part of education. The school offers a wide spectrum of Work Education and Co- Curricular activities such as Music, Dance, Drama & Theater, Poetry, Essay competitions, Gardening, Photography, Speech, Elocution, Debates & Quiz competitions, Exhibitions, Fetes, Art and Craft, Collage Making Swachhta Abhiyans, Awareness Rallies, Vocational Education, Street Plays & Nukkad Natikas, Special Summer & Winter Camps, SUPW, NCC and many more. The aim of organizing such activities is to ensure the opportunity of direct and diversified experience towards society through community service right from the tender age. All important days and festivals are celebrated to enrich cultural and social values and to promote global citizenship. Students are promoted to participate in various competitions at inter-school, zonal, inter-zonal and inter-state level. These activities are compulsory for every student